Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's back to work time, and my brain is so fried it's not even funny. I can draw, but I can't seem to write a single line of fiction that makes any sense. Thus, you get art. I'll try to poke my brain into action as soon as possible. I'm hoping things will have normalized by next week, and in the meantime there may be more art. Or, if that doesn't work, other *different* art.

Also, page 200 is coming up in about 2 weeks so if YOU have art, or would like to make some, then please send it along! (All I ask is that it's PG and Gothbunnies-related.) I will do a character sketch of your character of choice (yours, mine, whatever) in return, unless I get completely swamped with requests, which is pretty unlikely.

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